Show Others You Care by Investing in Life Insurance Today

Life insurance is an uncomfortable topic for those of us in Alexandria, but in a world filled with uncertainties, it’s actually a guaranteed way to invest in your loved ones’ futures. Cindi, our licensed agent at the Hometown Insurance Agency understands the importance of carrying life insurance, and will gladly meet with you to discuss your personal family nest egg goals. The primary objective of life insurance is to avoid passing along a legacy of financial debt to your loved ones, whether you are single, married, part of a traditional family, or a retiree. Our goal is that their standard of living will not decline in the event of your untimely death.

Some benefits of the various term and universal life insurance policies we offer include:

  • Protecting your family members from lost income in the event you pass away too soon
  • Providing payout benefits that are tax-free
  • Some policies can be used as a savings vehicle
  • You can borrow against the cash value of your policy depending on the policy type
  • They provide peace-of-mind asset protection throughout one’s life
  • Most policies include fast death benefit payouts to your beneficiary(ies)

The death benefit payouts of life insurance policies may be used to cover a wide-range of expenses once the policy holder has passed away. Based upon your personal and financial goals, the tax-free benefits may then be used by your family members to accomplish the following:

  • Educational costs for your kids
  • Replacing lost household income caused by your death
  • Covering mortgage, auto, credit card or other payments
  • Final expenses surrounding your death including funeral and medical costs
  • Estate protection

No matter what your age, marital status or debt level, Cindi has years of experience working with clients regarding their individual life insurance protection needs. Even young working people have debt obligations, such as credit cards or student loans, and the creditors will come after their money. At the Hometown Insurance Agency, we offer affordable rate term or universal life insurance products from only reputable companies because we care about your family’s future.

To schedule an appointment and sit down with Cindi for a free life insurance need analysis, call the Hometown Insurance Agency today at: (320) 763-7471. For directions to our Alexandria, MN office, or to leave us a message, visit our Contact Us page now. Our regular business hours are: M-F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.